Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Ahoy, me haarrty!
That's about all of the pirate talk I can do, but here are some jokes for you.

What is a pirates favorite letter?
Answer: arrrrr

What is a pirates favorite football league?
Answer: Arrrrrena Football (second choice: Major League Soccarrrrr)

What is a pirates favorite restaurant?
Answer: Arrrrrby's (second favorite: Arrrrrtic Circle)

Who is a pirates favorite politician?
Answer: Arrrrrnold Schwarzenegger

For anyone with kids, click on this link to let them watch a fun(?) video.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Janna and Ambrey Take off, and Alyssa Goes to School

Before I say or do anything else I need to apologize about the quality of the photos. Janna took the camera with her, so I had to use my phone. This first photo is suppose to be of Janna and Ambrey at the airport. Good luck picking them out, it is kind of like a real life "Where's Waldo" picture, only the picture quality is terrible. They left on the 6th to go home to visit with family. In case you are reading this, "hi hon, we love and miss you (and Boo too)." Yes that's right, Alyssa is stuck with dad. She missed Janna the first night, but she hasn't mentioned her in a while (like maybe 30 minutes). Alyssa had to stay because she started school this week. When she came home today the first thing she told me was that she had homework, and she was smiling while she said it. It must be great to be clueless.
This is a picture of Alyssa getting onto the school bus for her second day of school. Sorry about the sun.
This is a picture of Alyssa the morning after Janna left. I am proud to say that this is the best hairdo have ever done on a girl. Sure it doesn't look even, but look how tight that pony tail is!

Jeremy sent me an email with a link to a website that will estimate how long you will live. According to poodwaddle, my real age is 11.5 years old, and since the average life expectancy is 74 years, I supposedly can expect to live until I am 90.5 years old. Try it, it's kind of fun.