Saturday, February 21, 2009

Diabetes Claims Another Life

I would like to take a moment to recognize the passing of Larry H. Miller. As many know, Larry Miller died due to complications from type II diabetes (aka. adult onset diabetes or non-insulin dependent diabetes). At present, the initial treatment for this form of diabetes is exercise, diet, and oral medication. Unfortunately, the disease often goes unnoticed for years before treatment starts. If the disease is not treated aggressively by the diabetic, the end result often includes limb amputations, vision loss, kidney failure and dialysis, and frequently ends with a heart attack. As for type I diabetes (its onset is usually earlier in life), currently the only treatment options are subcutaneous shots of insulin, and pancreatic transplant for the diabetic with severe disease. This form will continue to cut many live short, as it cut our sister Tiffany's life short, until the medical community can find a way to replace the natural production and regulation of insulin. In essence, diabetes often acts like a ignorance. It is always there, and yet the damage that it does can go unnoticed for years, as it slowly and quietly picks apart its prey.
I never had the opportunity to meet Larry Miller, but I have great respect for the manner in which he ran the Utah Jazz. He was an icon of stability, in a business that seems to ooze with instability. The loyalty that he displayed during his years as the owner of the Utah Jazz is unparalleled in all of sports. During the early 1990's, I am ashamed to say that I blamed Miller for not spending more money to bring the Utah Jazz a championship; after all, they had two of the best players to ever play their respective positions in John Stockton and Karl Malone, and yet the team always seemed just one player short of the promised land. The reality is that if it had not been for Larry Miller, the Utah Jazz would no longer exist. The team would have been moved in the 1980's, and we never would have had the chance to watch and appreciate all that John and Karl did together. Larry's Jazz never won a championship, but because of his attributes that have carried over to the way his team runs, they have become known as a well respected, consistent, hard working, and winning organization.I cannot take credit for this, but I heard a fan suggest that they construct a bronze statue of Mr. Miller, and place it between the ones of John Stockton and Karl Malone. Personally I would also like to see the city rename 400 West as "Larry's H. Miller's Way." After all, you know this guy, and I would hate to forget what he has done for the community.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Tiff

We would just like to a moment to recognize Tiffany Denise Moller-Knudsen's birthday today. She left us almost one and a half years ago, but not a day goes by that she is not missed. Thank you Tiff for all of the wonderful memories that you left us with. We love you, and in memory of you, we will be having chinese this weekend.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Christmas vacation in Utah

Temple square and Freezing! Kids never notice
Build a Bear with Grandma and Grandpa!
Mom and I at Tiffys grave. Looking good mom!

Dad, Farah, Bryony, Victoria and us at dinner. Good Stuff!

Grandma and Grandpa
Two good looking, fun, loveable, young men.
Four beautiful young and I mean young women!

Kiersten and Naty

Anna Montana
Squeshing in for a photo

Tripple A!

Can't figure out how to turn the photo, sorry
Fun with dad!