Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Let the Swimming Season Begin!

With the weather warming up it means that we can finally start using the pool.  That's not to say that it hasn't been used before these pictures were taken, but not all of us like to freeze.
I'm not sure if I've got something on my face, or if Westley's just trying to figure out the easiest way to drown me.


I had vacation time in February that we were having a difficult time deciding what to do with.  We were debating about whether we should head to the beach in southern California for the weekend or drive to Utah to visit family.  In the end we decided that we didn't want the girls to miss any school we decided that we would stay here and discover our own town.
The first night we went camping... in our backyard.  This was the first time that Anna had ever slept in a tent.  Alyssa and Ambrey have actually camped (for real) on two other occasions.  Once while we were in Buffalo, and the other time was up at Payson Lakes before we left Utah.
After our camping adventure we went to the Phoenix zoo.  Ambrey, Anna, and Janna all got to ride on camel's, which they thought was pretty cool.
I have to honest, I thought it was a pretty hot day.  And it was only February.  I don't know how people can stand to visit this place later on in the summer.
We also went to the Children's Museum of Phoenix.
Now this place was pretty cool, and not just because it was indoor.
The girls spent most of their time at the play market.  They spent time playing as a shopper, as well as a worker.
This was Alyssa playing with one of the vacuum things.
This was my favorite part.  It was like a HUGE jungle gym.
This last picture was on Lucky Charms Day.  I mean St. Patrick's Day.  Don't they look magically delicious?

Keeping the Girls Busy

Since Westley got a post of his own, I figured that the girls should get one too.  We are after all, an equal opportunity family.  This first picture is of Alyssa and Ambrey up on stage preparing for their piano recital.  They both performed well.  Unfortunately I videoed their entire performances so I don't have any video that I can post to the blog.
We decided that it was time to put the girls into softball.  This first picture is of Ambrey getting her first uniform.  She was so excited!
 She was the only girl on her team to have her last name put on it. She chose to do it this way because that way it would be just like Alyssa's first softball uniform.
 For some reason Alyssa was being uncooperative which meant that instead of getting the full picture like we did with Ambrey, we got the Cousin It version.
 And finally she decided to cooperate.
 Two girls ready for spring ball (which is more like summer ball in other places).
 Ambrey up to bat.  I think she went something like 0-2 this year, but her on-base percentage had to be somewhere around .900.
 Alyssa up to bat.  I tried to find a picture with her pitching, but for some reason I was unable to come up with one.
And here they are with their trophies at the end of a long, hot season.

Christmas and Easter

I'm at work so my supply of pictures is limited.  This first picture is of the girls wearing jogging suits that they received for Christmas.
This picture was taken at our family Christmas dinner.  It was a good day.
 No we didn't color eggs for Christmas.  Skipping forward a few months, this picture was taken the evening before Easter.
 And this was the end result.
 Easter egg hunt before church
 Can you see the egg?
Anna waiting patiently for dinner.

A few Pictures

So these next few posts may seem a little random.  Since it has been about six months since the last one, I confess that I'm putting a little less effort into trying to keep things organized while trying to get caught up on what has been going on.  This picture was taken of Westley at about three months.
 Here's Westley in the basinet.  He has been out of this for around five months now.
I just thought that this was a cute picture of Ambrey and Westley. 
I took this picture while I was waiting for Janna to show up to our Monopoly show down.  I waited, and waited, and waited.  She finally did show up... about two or three months later.  In case you're wondering who won lets just say that Janna went down in flames, but not before pieces of the game went flying in my direction.

Westley has Grown

Apryl, this is for you.  This post is all about Westley, and how much he has grown in the last few months.
Smiling for the camera.
Little man hands.
Westley with his older sisters getting ready to do what he loves most... eat.
How cute is that?
 Hanging out in his saucer.
 The little guy sleeping at one of the girls many softball games.  He looks huge in this picture!
Playing the piano.  It doesn't sound as good as it looks.