Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Baby Westley's Visit From the Girls

This post is just pictures from Westley's big sisters visit.
Anna holding Westley for the first time.
Ambrey holding Westley for the first time.
Alyssa holding Westley for the first time.
The girls admiring their little brother.
Anna serenading Westley.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Baby Westley

Before proceeding, I feel that I should warn you about the graphic nature of the first picture in this blog post.  It is a tad bloody, gooey, and well, just plain messy.  So if you have a bit of a weak stomach, you may wish to bypass this post all together.  If however, you feel that you have a bit of a stronger constitution, then by all means continue reading.
We thought that we had everything so well planned out, but sometimes even the best laid plans come to naught when we fail to consider the fact that we actually have so little control over certain things.  Westley was supposed to arrive on August 26th.  Janna was supposed to arrive at the hospital at four am that morning.  She was supposed to have a c-section at 6 am with a surgeon that I had hand picked, and her anesthesia done by an anesthesiologist that I had hand picked as well.  Baby sitting arrangements were all perfectly laid out.  I had arranged my vacation and schedule to coincide with when Westley was going to arrive so that I would have a little more then two weeks of time off after he arrived, while not missing any of my hours at work.
Then on Sunday night, Westley and Janna's body made a decision that we had not planned for.  While I was doing a 24 hour in-house shift Janna went into labor.  On Monday morning, while I was driving home from work, Janna sent a text to let me know that she thought that she was in labor.  Even though she thought that she was in labor, she still needed some convincing to get her to go to the hospital (thanks Mom).  Shortly after arriving at the hospital, the nurse confirmed that she was in labor.  About two hours after that, this is what happened: