Monday, April 12, 2010

A Simple Reminder

Just a reminder that sometimes our kids think about more than just candy, playtime, toys, and friends. It seems like we are typically putting quotes on the blog from Ambrey because she says some of the most random things. This quote however, comes from Alyssa's schoolwork that she brought home last week. It was a little surprising when I read it the other day, but after giving it a moments thought, I guess that I should not have been surprised at all. Alyssa has always felt a connection between herself and Tiffany, partly because we gave her the same middle name (Denise), but maybe even more so because of all of the mornings that she would go sit with Tif and "help" her before we moved to Buffalo in 2007.

In this photo (left to right): Tiffany, Kiersten, Alyssa, Grandma Johnson

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Good Eats!

Here are a few recipes that turned out very good!
You should try them!
Banana Cream Pie
*1 graham cracker crust
*1 c. water w/ 1tbsp. lemon juice
*2 bananas or 3, i like 3
*1 sm. pkg. instant vanilla pudding mix
*1 1/2 cup milk
*1 (8oz.) sour cream
*1 pkg cream cheese
*home made whip cream
Slice bananas into lemon water, coat them well, drain when ready to use
Mix together milk, sour cream, pudding
( mix the cream cheese , until smooth)
and put in half w/ pudding mix and half w/whipped topping mix)
Make your home made whip cream, now beat in 1/2 the cream cheese
Fold bananas into the pudding mixture and pour into pie crust
top with the whip cream
Make it look pretty
and chill!
Taco soup
*2 pounds lean gr. beef or you can use choped chicken
we make it both ways
*1 onion, chopped
*1 (4ounce) can diced gr. chiles
*1 teaspoon salt
*1tsp. pepper
*1can black beans
*1 can red beans
Whatever beans you have!
(Our family is not to keen on beans to much so we usually do one can)
*1 package taco seasoning mix
*1 1/2 cups water
*1 package ranch dressing mix
*1(14.5) can stewed tomatoes
brown beef w/the onion
in seperate soup pot
chilies, salt, pepper, beans, water,(add more water if need) seasoning mixes and tomatoes
mix together/get it boiling! Hot!
when meat and onion are done add to soup pot
brind to boil, turn to simmer and let it cook for 30 min.
top it with cheese and serve with chips

Monday, April 5, 2010


Here is my basket from Josh!
Ambrey with her sugar egg, she ate the whole thing.
She is crazy about treats! Ambrey and Alyssa with their chocolate from the Easter bunny.
This year he brought
a Chocolate Dino for Ambrey and a Chocolate Cow for Alyssa, Anna had a bunny.
Very cute.
We found Anna in bed with Ambrey
Ambrey was fast asleep and Anna was reading away.
Alyssa and her sugar egg.
My card from Josh, it is a Bar Mitzvah card.
He thought it would be funny to give me a card I would never get in my life.
Very funny!
Look how tired I look! Horrible. And yes Scott and Rich I have the EYE!
The girls and their PEEPS.

So here is Ambrey's sugar egg, eaten!
This was Josh's basket.
Can you tell who put more thought into it?
Josh got a chocolate pirate ship!
I made a pineapple, mandarin, lemon cake,
It was good, and pretty, but not my favorite.
To get out of the house a little bit, we went to take pics of Josh's school.
We walked around the campus.
This is the main building where Josh spent his time in class.
This is the Library.
I got Josh to pose as Mr. Suaveeee!
He tried, I don't know if he pulled it off!
What a good looking nerd though!
Me hugging the building.
This is the bell tower on campus.

You miss Buffalo don't you David?!!!
Ambrey picked some "flowers" for me.

Our lonely Easter Dinner.
We had ham, cheesy potatoes, rolls and green bean casserole.
It was delicious!
We miss you David and Chantel!

Anna found some eggs.
Alyssa and her cow.
Thank you to Grandma and Grandpa Daley for the cute Easter outfits!