Monday, November 7, 2011

Beat up by a Basketball

Looks like someone had a rough day!  This is what I found when I picked up the girls from school this afternoon.
Apparently Alyssa was playing tether ball with a friend, when out of the blue somebody kicked a basketball over a fence in the school yard while she was out at recess.  The basketball then proceeded to pelt Alyssa in the face.  And this was the result.
Poor girl.  I can't wait to see what pretty shades of blue and yellow she dawns in the morning!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

This is just a compilation of pictures from Halloween time this year.  The first two are from our ward's Trunk or Treat.  The picture above is of Ambrey, Alyssa, and two of Alyssa's friends.
This picture is of Anna, the nice kitty.
Obviously Ambrey was pretty stoked about cleaning out her pumpkin.
However, Anna and Alyssa seemed to enjoy it.
This is Ambrey, the dead ballerina.
And this is Anna, the dead panther.  She found out that Ambrey was going to be dead, so she wanted to kill her character too.
Alyssa chose not to follow the trend by going as a live witch.
Time for some tricks and treats!

Westley and Ambrey

We've said it before, it doesn't take much to get Ambrey to fall asleep.  She wanted to be close to Westley so she went over to him and laid down next to him.  Next thing you know she's out, and he's looking at her like: "what are you doing over there?"

Alyssa's Tenth Birthday

No Alyssa's birthday didn't just happen, but we are a bit behind again on what has gone on in our home.  So this is the cake that Janna made for her party.  Once again she out did herself, and this time she did while she was nine months pregnant.  Alyssa wanted a surfboard cake to go along with the theme of her party, so this is what she got.
 For those of you who were wondering, yes the cake was as good as it looked.  The rest of the party consisted of swimming, games, and a movie about some surfer girl who got eaten by a shark.
Oh yes, and birthday presents too.
Crazy girls.  What did we get ourselves into?