Wednesday, October 15, 2008

In Memory

Tiffany/Just wanted to say we love you and miss you! By the way how is your Fabio? In memory of a dear sister.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fall Fun

We were watching conferance and Ambrey fell asleep on me. Josh is sooo paying attention.
In between conferance times we went for a walk. Here we are a Glen Park. Ambrey decided to take on cliff climbing.
Hello I am beautiful.
These next pics were taken at the Pumpkin Farm. The girls loved it.
Ambrey was deathly afraid of this little guy. He would open his mouth and talk to you. Anna did not know what to think of him.
Josh's family photo.
ALL ABOARD!!!! Just for you Grumps!!! Love ya. Alyssa and Ambrey
Sweet Ambrey
Sweet Alyssa

Friday, October 3, 2008

School has started

Welcome Fall!!! It is cold in NY. This is our neighbors pumpkin, Anna loves to touch it.
Somebody is happy!
Daddy happy about having his picture taken. What is up with that grin?
This picture was taken by Ambrey, she is absolutely professional, if you would like yours done by her let us know she is for hire.
The Triple AAA'S. So cute!
No, I have no nuts in those cheeks.... Why do you ask?
Anna decided to run herself over. Luckily she was happy about it.

Alyssa and Ambrey have started school. Anna and I have 3 hours of just she and I, (heaven). Alyssa is now in 2nd grade and Ambrey has just started pre-K. She loves it. She comes home everyday singing a song and ready to talk on and on about what she did.