Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Holiday Season

For Halloween Anna went as Abby Cadabby from Sesame Street, Alyssa went as a dead bride, Ambrey went as a witch, and Jayda went as Batman. Our neighborhood was great. The streets were running with kids, people were outside greeting the children that were coming to their doors, and a bunch of houses were decorated. It was the best Halloween environment that I can remember seeing.
This is just a recent picture of our family when the kids decided to come wake us up.
November 13th marked the ground breaking ceremony for the new Gilbert, Arizona temple that is being built. We are excited to have a temple so close!
This last week Ambrey got sick, so we thought we would be good parents and take pictures of her in all of her glory. It was a long night. She ended up spending the night in our closet, which is not as horrible as it sounds. We brought her bed in, which put her right next to our bathroom so we could hear her when she got up.
On Saturday, we put up our outside Christmas lights and sprayed the windows with white snow spray.
On Sunday we put up our tree, and last night for family night we put all of the ornaments on. As usual the girls had a ton of fun hanging the ornaments and dancing to Christmas music. I love the holiday season.