Monday, March 29, 2010

March Fun

Okay so this is the Video of me coming out of the Hurricane ride. I hit my head inside the ride, man it hurt. Anyways I got Josh to go on the ride and his was so funny. People come out of this ride either upside down, sideways, or any other way you can think of. So Josh of course had no control on the way he came out. His was so funny. He came out side ways but before that he hit so hard in the ride you could hear it and new someone got hurt. He also got sick and could not see after words.

He is such a BIG BABY!

This is Anna on her way into Splash Lagoon!

Anna and her shake!

Anna at the park, she loves to swing!

Anna and her crazy horse riding!

March Fun

Ambrey wanted her hair cut like Alyssas so I finally gave in.
It is cute on her.

Beautiful blue eyes like their daddy!

Anna ready for our morning walk to the park!

This is the field that Anna ran all the way across. I had turned my back to her for just a second and off she went chasing a bird. I don't mind chasing her but the ground was soaking wet! The ground here in the spring is like a sponge and all of it is wet and muddy! So all the way across I was almost ankle deep in mud and water.
So much fun.

By the time we got home our feet were freezing!
Alyssa took this pic. I am always finding random pics on the camera.
Happy St. Pattricks Day. We had a green meal. Green milk, Green pasta sauce and a Green pie. The girls loved it!

Looks gross doesn't it. It was good!

Anna being Anna on everything!
Alyssa found her new quiet spot to read.
Josh the night before the BIG test!
We went to splash lagoon. It is a indoor water park. Very fun!

Anna enjoying a bannana shake. As you can see she is such a polite eater.
Hello Elvis!

I have twins!
Too many kids, I would go crazy!

There is a funny story to this ride, the Hurricane I will tell you with the video of it!
This is one heck of a ride!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Josh Passed!!!!

Josh took his BIG test today at 8am. We both did not sleep well, maybe 4hrs sleep.
He was so stressed this morning he made himself sick. So we kissed him goodbye told him good luck and prayed. At 9:40 he came home and said he passed! I am so glad that is over with!
Love you Josh and good job!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Josh Birthday

Happy Birthday Josh
The girls picked out gifts for Josh.
Ambrey decided on a crocodile and Alyssa a pirate ship and Anna a fish, she loves to say,"Fish".

We made Josh a Bannana cream pie.
New reciepe and Josh thought it was the best he tasted!

I struggled this year on deciding what to get Josh.
Luckily his diploma came in the mail and so I framed it and gave it to him. He was excited.
Good job Josh!
Want some pie?

Anna being Anna, into everything.