Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ambrey and her love of odd creatures

Josh took Ambrey out on a date. They went to Mcd's and then toys' r us and when they returned Ambrey had a new friend.

Anna wanted to show her dragon too. Really it is Ambrey's of course.

Her pet attacking me!

Attacking Josh!

Ambrey is so happy!

Here it is, oh it is a girl by the way.

We took Alyssa to get her hair cut. She loves to have short hair. I was trying to grow it out, but she was persistant on having it cut so I gave in.

After the hair cut we went to the Mall eating area and had dinner.

She is very happy with the outcome. I am too. You look good Lyssa!

So Ambrey decided her "pet" had to come to church with us. She got her all dressed up and ready to go. She even put a jacket on it and brought it in the car. No she did not bring it in the church building. She did try.



The Favorite said...

That is kind of a scary friend.
Love the new hair- so beautiful!

Lanna said...

I love that she put a dress on her dragon for church!! ha ha!! Thanks for all the updates, your girls are sooo beautiful, and so are you!! (Janna, not Josh) :) Love you guys!!