Thursday, January 28, 2010

Anna taking a bath

American girl dolls

Mom's, kids really do watch and mimick all you do!

This is Charolette making one of her classic faces. We had the Dicks over for pizza before they left.

All of us saying goodbye!

Anna fell asleep with a orange in her mouth

Okay so Anna is small and still fits in some of her 12 mth outfits. Well, the girls thought it would be fun to stick her into this doll highchair. I could not get her out. She was screaming and crying and I was almost about to call 911 when I thought I might have David come over and help. So he came. We pulled together, hung her upside down and pulled nothing other then Anna screaming and me on the verge of tears. So we decided to get a crow bar and see if we could snap the top off. It just dented it. Then David went and got his saw and yes we had to saw here out. The whole time she was screaming. It was so sad but funny. Thank you David! Anna's Hero!

Friends at Tabitha and Elles fairwell party!

The Evening before Tabitha and Elle and David left. They slept over our house and left at 6am. Off to New Mexico they go. We will miss them so much.

Christmas in NY
Here is Grandma's Christmas morning coffee cake
Alyssa and Ambrey holding blankets my mom made for their dolls
Their American Girl Dolls
Alyssa having fun!
The Biggest Christmas Ever. So fun! Thank you Grandma, Grandpa, Great Grandma and Grandpa and Grandma again. So fun!
We went over to the Dick's on Christmas eve and had a special little Manger program. David made some cut outs of the manger scene and the kids got to help him hold them up on a picture frame with light in the back ground. So fun and creative.
Danish Christmas Eve Dinner. We had the Sawyers and the Dicks over. It was fun.
Danish Dinner Setting