Monday, November 7, 2011

Beat up by a Basketball

Looks like someone had a rough day!  This is what I found when I picked up the girls from school this afternoon.
Apparently Alyssa was playing tether ball with a friend, when out of the blue somebody kicked a basketball over a fence in the school yard while she was out at recess.  The basketball then proceeded to pelt Alyssa in the face.  And this was the result.
Poor girl.  I can't wait to see what pretty shades of blue and yellow she dawns in the morning!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

This is just a compilation of pictures from Halloween time this year.  The first two are from our ward's Trunk or Treat.  The picture above is of Ambrey, Alyssa, and two of Alyssa's friends.
This picture is of Anna, the nice kitty.
Obviously Ambrey was pretty stoked about cleaning out her pumpkin.
However, Anna and Alyssa seemed to enjoy it.
This is Ambrey, the dead ballerina.
And this is Anna, the dead panther.  She found out that Ambrey was going to be dead, so she wanted to kill her character too.
Alyssa chose not to follow the trend by going as a live witch.
Time for some tricks and treats!

Westley and Ambrey

We've said it before, it doesn't take much to get Ambrey to fall asleep.  She wanted to be close to Westley so she went over to him and laid down next to him.  Next thing you know she's out, and he's looking at her like: "what are you doing over there?"

Alyssa's Tenth Birthday

No Alyssa's birthday didn't just happen, but we are a bit behind again on what has gone on in our home.  So this is the cake that Janna made for her party.  Once again she out did herself, and this time she did while she was nine months pregnant.  Alyssa wanted a surfboard cake to go along with the theme of her party, so this is what she got.
 For those of you who were wondering, yes the cake was as good as it looked.  The rest of the party consisted of swimming, games, and a movie about some surfer girl who got eaten by a shark.
Oh yes, and birthday presents too.
Crazy girls.  What did we get ourselves into?

Friday, September 2, 2011

Westley Update

This is just a brief update on Westley.  The above picture was taken last Thursday as we were preparing to take him home from the hospital.  Since the time that we took him home he has eaten, slept, soiled his diapers, and kept us up at night.  That's about it.
This picture was taken this morning after he finished eating.  It's amazing to watch how he changes every single day.  The two videos that you see below are both short clips from the puppet show that Anna put on for us this morning.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Baby Westley's Visit From the Girls

This post is just pictures from Westley's big sisters visit.
Anna holding Westley for the first time.
Ambrey holding Westley for the first time.
Alyssa holding Westley for the first time.
The girls admiring their little brother.
Anna serenading Westley.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Baby Westley

Before proceeding, I feel that I should warn you about the graphic nature of the first picture in this blog post.  It is a tad bloody, gooey, and well, just plain messy.  So if you have a bit of a weak stomach, you may wish to bypass this post all together.  If however, you feel that you have a bit of a stronger constitution, then by all means continue reading.
We thought that we had everything so well planned out, but sometimes even the best laid plans come to naught when we fail to consider the fact that we actually have so little control over certain things.  Westley was supposed to arrive on August 26th.  Janna was supposed to arrive at the hospital at four am that morning.  She was supposed to have a c-section at 6 am with a surgeon that I had hand picked, and her anesthesia done by an anesthesiologist that I had hand picked as well.  Baby sitting arrangements were all perfectly laid out.  I had arranged my vacation and schedule to coincide with when Westley was going to arrive so that I would have a little more then two weeks of time off after he arrived, while not missing any of my hours at work.
Then on Sunday night, Westley and Janna's body made a decision that we had not planned for.  While I was doing a 24 hour in-house shift Janna went into labor.  On Monday morning, while I was driving home from work, Janna sent a text to let me know that she thought that she was in labor.  Even though she thought that she was in labor, she still needed some convincing to get her to go to the hospital (thanks Mom).  Shortly after arriving at the hospital, the nurse confirmed that she was in labor.  About two hours after that, this is what happened:

Sunday, July 31, 2011


A couple of months ago Jeremy and Shannon brought their family down to visit us.  This first picture is of my niece Jessica.  We spent a lot of time in the pool while they were here.  Unfortunately, the would be hilarious pictures/video were not captured on film.
This next picture is of my nephew Josh.  While he was here we worked on a few of his swimming requirements for scouts.
This is my niece Katie.  She and Alyssa were able to pick right up where they left on when we last visited them in Utah.  That's one of the things that I love about our family.  Even though these kids have only seen each other six or seven times in the last four years, they are able to get together and play like they saw each other yesterday.  I hope that they can always remember that comfortable with each other.
And last but not least, this is kassidy.  Ambrey and her were as thick as thieves while she was here with us.
We didn't spend all of the time in the pool.  On one of the days that they were here we went to the Goldfield Ghost Town.  It was originally a small town built around three gold mines, but eventually the grade of ore dropped and the town died out.  The ghost town has been rebuilt for tourists like us to visit.
This is the second building that you see after arriving at the town.  The first is the train station, which has a train that travels around the town.
This is the gold mine that is open to the public to tour.  We followed our tour guide through the mine and then on to the mystery shack.
This is the mystery shack. It is a small two room house that was built on a slope.  This was Alyssa's and Ambrey's favorite part of the day.  Unfortunately we came to late in the season to see the gun fights.
As I mentioned before, the town has a train that travels around the town.  This is it.  It is capable of traveling pretty quick.  Unfortunately I don't think we went faster than 5-7 mph around the whole town.
The kids locked up in the cage outside of the hat house and saloon.
On the last day that we were in town we visited the Mesa temple grounds and visitors center.

School Programs, Mother's Day, and The Princess Bride

At the end of the school year Alyssa participated in her fourth grade program.  I don't know that she was too happy that we brought the camera.  This was the only picture that we could get with her looking in our direction.  Every time that she looked over and saw the camera pointed at her she hurried and turned away.
This is Ambrey at her first grade program.  She had a great time and was happy with her performance.
And this is what Anna thought of it all.  Apparently she wasn't as fond of the music as the other girls were.
For Mother's day I made dinner.  That's right, I cooked.  And it actually tasted pretty darn good if I say so myself.  I made BBQ steak, loaded baked potatoes, and roasted asparagus.
There was so much good food that it wore Anna out.
After watching The Princess Bride for about the millionth time, we came to the conclusion that we had found the name of our fourth child.  Janna found wooden letters at a craft store, which we have since painted, and she gave them to the girls to try to unscramble his name.  This is what they came up with.  For awhile I thought we were going to be stuck with the name Mestley.
Ambrey's face on the big screen.  It's difficult to see, but she's definitely there.

Alyssa's and Ambrey's New Hobbies

Janna and I have talked for ages about starting our girls in piano lessons, but until recently we haven't done it because it wasn't practical for us to do it.  About four months ago we purchased a used celviano electonic piano, and about two months ago we started Alyssa and Ambrey in piano.  We are very happy with the teacher that they have, and both of them are doing very well with it.
About six months ago we signed Alyssa up for volleyball.  So far she has played soccer, softball, and now volleyball.  Her two favorites have been softball and volleyball.
It was amazing to see how quickly she picked it up.  She still has a ways to go, but in the short few months she made great progress.
Ambrey begged us for about a month or so to let her take karate.  I had my reservations, but in the end we gave in because Alyssa got to do what she wanted to, so figured that Ambey should get the choice as well.
Ambrey preparing her attack on the foam stick.
Ambey in action.