Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I had vacation time in February that we were having a difficult time deciding what to do with.  We were debating about whether we should head to the beach in southern California for the weekend or drive to Utah to visit family.  In the end we decided that we didn't want the girls to miss any school we decided that we would stay here and discover our own town.
The first night we went camping... in our backyard.  This was the first time that Anna had ever slept in a tent.  Alyssa and Ambrey have actually camped (for real) on two other occasions.  Once while we were in Buffalo, and the other time was up at Payson Lakes before we left Utah.
After our camping adventure we went to the Phoenix zoo.  Ambrey, Anna, and Janna all got to ride on camel's, which they thought was pretty cool.
I have to honest, I thought it was a pretty hot day.  And it was only February.  I don't know how people can stand to visit this place later on in the summer.
We also went to the Children's Museum of Phoenix.
Now this place was pretty cool, and not just because it was indoor.
The girls spent most of their time at the play market.  They spent time playing as a shopper, as well as a worker.
This was Alyssa playing with one of the vacuum things.
This was my favorite part.  It was like a HUGE jungle gym.
This last picture was on Lucky Charms Day.  I mean St. Patrick's Day.  Don't they look magically delicious?

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