Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Keeping the Girls Busy

Since Westley got a post of his own, I figured that the girls should get one too.  We are after all, an equal opportunity family.  This first picture is of Alyssa and Ambrey up on stage preparing for their piano recital.  They both performed well.  Unfortunately I videoed their entire performances so I don't have any video that I can post to the blog.
We decided that it was time to put the girls into softball.  This first picture is of Ambrey getting her first uniform.  She was so excited!
 She was the only girl on her team to have her last name put on it. She chose to do it this way because that way it would be just like Alyssa's first softball uniform.
 For some reason Alyssa was being uncooperative which meant that instead of getting the full picture like we did with Ambrey, we got the Cousin It version.
 And finally she decided to cooperate.
 Two girls ready for spring ball (which is more like summer ball in other places).
 Ambrey up to bat.  I think she went something like 0-2 this year, but her on-base percentage had to be somewhere around .900.
 Alyssa up to bat.  I tried to find a picture with her pitching, but for some reason I was unable to come up with one.
And here they are with their trophies at the end of a long, hot season.

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