Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Our Day of Rest

On July 15th (Sunday) we rested from our travels. Our only plans for this day included a trip to Nauvoo, Illinois and rest. Prior to attending a local ward for services, we visited the Nauvoo Temple, which was far prettier and much larger than I had expected. It sits at the top of a hill overlooking the Mississippi River. The grounds were green and very well kept. We then went to the historic part of Nauvoo. Before the kids started getting cranky, we were able to tour the post office, John Taylor’s home, and a school house. Prior to leaving Nauvoo, we drove past The Mansion House, Joseph and Emma’s cottage, The Red Brick Store, and the cemetery where Joseph, Emma, and Hyrum were finally laid to rest (the last few sites mentioned are owned by the Community of Christ, formerly RLDS church). The pictures shown are of the Nauvoo Temple, Joseph and Emma’s cottage, the view from the cemetery, and the monument over the Smith’s grave site. Renee is not in these pictures because she remained at the hotel while she was ill.

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