Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Ahoy, me haarrty!
That's about all of the pirate talk I can do, but here are some jokes for you.

What is a pirates favorite letter?
Answer: arrrrr

What is a pirates favorite football league?
Answer: Arrrrrena Football (second choice: Major League Soccarrrrr)

What is a pirates favorite restaurant?
Answer: Arrrrrby's (second favorite: Arrrrrtic Circle)

Who is a pirates favorite politician?
Answer: Arrrrrnold Schwarzenegger

For anyone with kids, click on this link to let them watch a fun(?) video.


MisterJ said...

A pirate is driving his ship, and in the distance he sees another ship. He turns to his first mate and says "Arg, We're gonna plunder that tharn ship. Bring me me red shirt." And the first mate says, "Why, sir?" And the captain says, "So if I get wounded, the men won't know I'm bleedin'." So after he puts on the read shirt and they are approaching the ship, the entire Spanish Armada comes over the horizon. The Captain says, "Arg, bring me me brown pants."

MisterJ said...

I spelled "red" wrong.