Thursday, August 16, 2007

Calling My Shot

I am calling my shot, but first, a flower for Grandma.

Arizona at BYU Sept. 1
This game could go either way. Arizona has installed a new offense in hopes of improving on their 6-6 season in 2006. It usually takes time to get a new offense to click, which should benefit the Cougars. However, under Bronco the Cougars a 0-2 on opening day, losing at Arizona in 2006 (a game they should have won), and losing to Boston College in 2005 while the Cougars were trying to work implement their new offense.
Winner: BYU

BYU at UCLA Sept. 8
a.k.a. Benedict Olson vs. BYU
OK, the whole Benedict thing is a joke but just think about what this kid could have done for BYU if he would have been willing to stick around. Instead of starting for BYU, he will be starting for UCLA in what should be his 7th career start. This should be a close game, but BYU will lose at the Rose Bowl if they cannot get pressure on Olson.
Winner: UCLA

BYU at Tulsa Sept. 15
After last years 49-24 blowout, Tulsa will be out for revenge. Barring injury, I don’t think they get it.
Winner: BYU

Air Force at BYU Sept. 22
Air Force usually starts the season off hot, and falls apart in the end. This year will be different. In the first four weeks of the season Air Force plays the top three teams in the conference, all of them coming back to back. Air Force will most likely be 1-3 following this game.
Winner: BYU

First third of the season: 3-1

BYU at New Mexico Sept. 29
This game will likely be closer than most would expect. Rocky Long has been great for the Lobos, but if fans are expecting better than another 6-6 season they will be sorely disappointed.
Winner: BYU

BYU at UNLV Oct. 13
Coming off of a bye week BYU may as well be playing a division II football program. UNLV football has been awful, and yet every year they somehow get 1-2 conference wins. UNLV is on its way to finishing at the bottom of the conference for the 5th consecutive year. This one will not be close.
Winner: BYU

Eastern Washington at BYU Oct. 20
This is their game against a division II opponent, need I say more?
Winner: BYU

BYU at San Diego State Oct. 27
At this point I have BYU winning 5 in a row. If they don’t slip up here it could be another two weeks before they risk losing again. Chuck Long will be good for this team in the long run, assuming he sticks around. At this point in the season BYU is the better team, but either they slip-up here or at home against CSU.
Winner: San Diego State

Second third of the season: 3-1

Colorado State at BYU Nov. 3
Coach Lubick is one of the top 3 or 4 coaches in the conference. Too bad he’s coaching at the most difficult place to play and against the hottest coach in the conference. BYU will not lose to CSU at home unless there are injury problems.
Winner: BYU

TCU at BYU Nov. 8
This is supposed to be the clash of the 2 best teams in the conference. It definitely is a clash of the two best coaches’ in the league. BYU will win, but don’t expect it to be very convincing. On a short turn around, BYU will be able to prepare just well enough to squeak out a win.
Winner: BYU

BYU at Wyoming Nov. 17
It’s time for the brawl in Laramie. This is a horrible place to play, especially at this time of the year. It’s bitterly cold, and the fans are lousy. Wyoming will want payback of the humiliation that they suffered last year losing 55-7. Here is the second upset of the season.
Winner: Wyoming
“The Holy War”
Utah at BYU Nov. 24
Last years game was one of the best football games that I have ever seen college or pro. This year Utah will be looking to avenge a game that they had put away until they went into a prevent defense and prevented themselves from winning. With two in conference losses, expect this game to mean something aside from bragging rights.
Winner: BYU

Second third of the season: 3-1
BYU’s final record: 9-3
The poll predicting BYU’s record will close in about 3 hours and changes in the final tally is unlikely. So ahead of schedule, here is your winner; Bronco and the Cougs will win 9 or 10 games this year (received 2/4 votes). 11 or 12 wins received 1 vote, as did BYU finishing with fewer than 6 wins and out of the bowl picture.

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