Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Happy #6

Today is Alyssa's birthday! Congrats Alyssa, you made it to the age of six.
Alyssa's party started at 11am (9 am Utah time), and finished just after 1pm. We started by taking the girls to McDonalds for happy meals, and then let them play in play land.
We then returned home for presents and games. This was the first time that we were unable to invite family to a birthday party, but fortunately we have some good friends that live close by.
Above is a picture of the girls who were invited to Alyssa's party. From left to right: Ellie, Alyssa, Tabatha, Branwin, and Ambrey. Tabatha and Ellie are David and Chantel's daughters (I will be going to school with David), and Branwin is Jessica and Chad's daughter (Our next door neighbors).
We finished things off by having the girls decorate their own cakes. The girls had a really good time, and it wasn't nearly as messy as you might expect.

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