Thursday, August 2, 2007

Let the Polls Begin

I thought that it might be fun to add a new element to our blog. Starting this week you will find a poll that you can vote on. This first poll will end on the sixth of this month, and it will be followed by a new poll.

Being an avid Jazz fan I thought that it would be fitting to make the first poll Jazz related. For those who are unaware, the Jazz have recently signed two new point/combo guards. The first to be signed was the 29 year old Jason Hart. Hart is 6-3, weighs 185 pounds, and has signed a 2 year, 5 million dollar deal. I know very little about Hart, but what I do like is his contract when you compare it to Derrick Fishers. The second guard is 24 year old Ronnie Price, formerly of the Sacramento Kings and UVSC. Price is listed at 6-2 and 190. All reports say that he is a hard worker, and a good athlete. Anyone who saw him play against the Jazz will attest to his athleticism, as I am sure that Carlos Boozer will. If you have not seen his dunk, I have it as one of the viewable videos at the bottom of the blog. Price’s averages have not been great, but he appears to be pretty talented.

This is where the poll comes in. With the signing of two new guards (who are expected to play point), where does this leave Dee Brown? In today’s edition of the Deseret Morning News, Kevin O’Connor is quoted as saying “I’m not going to comment on our restricted free agents. It’s still on the table, yeah….” So my question is: “Are the Utah Jazz making a mistake by not offering Dee Brown a guaranteed contract? On Dee Brown’s web site, he mentioned that he would have signed with the Jazz if they would have guaranteed his contract. Also, where does this leave CJ Miles? Currently the Jazz have 3 point guards and 3 shooting guards under contract. They also have a total of 12 players under contract. Typically they keep no more than 14, and can only have up to 15 on their roster at one time. They have also made it known that they would like to add another big body.
Here is the Jazz roster as presently constituted:

PG- Deron Williams, Jason Hart, and Ronnie Price

SG- Ronnie Brewer, Morris Almond, and Gordan Giricek (reportedly the most likely to be gone before the season starts)

SF- Andre Kirilenko, and Matt Harpring

PF- Carlos Boozer, and Paul Milsap (they have openly said they plan on trying him more at small forward this year, bye, bye AK-47?)

C- Memo Okur, and Jarron Collins

Other guys who are connected to the Jazz:
Restricted Free Agents- Dee Brown (Jazz fans love), and CJ Miles (Jazz coaches love)
Second Round Draft Pick- Kyrylo Fesenko (appears to have real potential)
Free Agent- Rafael Araujo


MisterJ said...

This is a tough one. I'm not enough of an expert to say what might happen.

Josh and Janna said...

Neither am I. I did like Brown's effort and intensity. There are few things that I like about his game; he plays defense, has a knack for causing deflections, does not turn the ball over too often, thinks team first, and has the ability to get into the lane. He kind of reminds a little of a young Tony Parker (no I don't think he will be that good).

themickel said...

There's no "Yes" on your poll, man. I'm all about Dee Brown. When he's in the game, things happen. Maybe they're not always good things, but things definitely do happen.

In all seriousness, though, I think Dee has some great moves and energy. He could turn into something special. Too bad he will be playing for someone else when that happens.

Josh and Janna said...
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Josh and Janna said...

The closest thing to yes on the poll is "remember Mo Williams?" I was a big Mo Williams guy, even more so than I am a Dee Brown guy. Both of these guys were drafted in the second round by the Jazz, both earned 1 year contracts, and during their one year with the Jazz, both showed potential. After Mo's first year in the league (2003-2004), Mo was offered a 3 year, 5 million dollar contract by the Bucks, and the Jazz chose not to match it. Mo went on to become the Bucks starting point guard (and one of the better point guards in the east). This off-season Mo signed a big money contract with the Bucks. I don't think that Dee will be as good as Mo, but I do think that the Jazz are making a mistake by not giving him a contract. For info on Mo go to and look him up.