Saturday, August 18, 2007

Robbed by the Association

I was perusing the sports pages today and found something interesting. Former NBA official Mike Mathis spoke out about Tim Donaghy and officiating in the NBA in general. You may find what he had to say interesting, I did. I have posted links to two articles under my Jazz links list. As a disclaimer Mathis's record is not clean, but as a former official his opinions should deserve some consideration. For those who do not want to read one of the posted articles, he essentially says that Jordan pushed off and that video doesn't lie (conspiracy?). While he addresses this one play, he does not mention anything about all of the calls that were blown/missed (who knows, maybe the mob was in on this series) earlier in the game. Who knows if the Jazz could have pulled out the series, but I wish that we would have had the opportunity to find out.


johnsoncody said...

Yeah, the whole referee scandal is interesting isn't it? I just hope the game doesn't lose all of its credibility because it's probably my favorite sport. Also, it makes me think there really was a conspiracy against small market teams like the Jazz.

Josh and Janna said...

I don't want it to ruin the sport for me either, but I think that it is fair to say that it has been tainted. I don't know that there is anything against small market teams, look at San Antonio. What I do wonder though does concern the Jazz. Did the NBA want to send MJ off as a champion because of everything he did for the league? Was what happened to the Jazz just a "thank you" to MJ? Obviously he hit the shot in game six, but you cannot argue that there were not some poor calls that allowed that moment to happen.